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im 17 a Senior and ...yeah... okay im done. Oh yeah heh sign if you'd like. By the way this one has been discontinued. please go to www.ooohfire.blogdrive.com if youre looking for my complaints.


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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Bob is six inches tall with bright pink overalls and light blonde hair. But you canít see his hair unless he stops running. And he almost never does that. Bob runs really really fast and jumps really really high so he can hit people because he has this incisive need to attack people. He bites, hits and pokes people and then blames it on me! RUDE! Me! Little innocent me. And so people think that I bit them or something but I didnít. nope. It was Bob. Bobís cute though. Not in that (wink wink) oooooooh way but like teddy bear cute cuz he looks like a little kid but heís ageless and 6 inches tall. Uh huh. But anyways, people think its me that attacks them but its Bob. Either he does it and then runs or he whispers in your ear and then you do it cuz heís very influential. Oh oh oh! When he runs all people see is this pink flash. It go VOOOOOOOOOOOM! But no one pays attention and they donít think about it but itís Bob! And no matter what anyone says you canít smash Bob. He runs too fast. But you know what really sux? i'm the only one who sees him and i hate the color pink!    

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love. pah!

Alright. i have this issue with love. Apparently i sound jadded but im not. Im just annoyed by it. No one really knows if they're in love or not. Love is retarded. It's all a fricken chemical thing to begin with. Itís like a chemical imbalance. See, people, they say they're in love and then decide they're not. Why bother? Love just really confuses a person, thatís all its good for. During the summer I'm stuck at home, mostly, watching soap operas and they're are so pathetic. Always saying love will keep them together and then the chick goes and marries the guyís brother. Now sheís prego and doesnít know which ones the kidís father. People who are googlie eyed and keep talking about fate and love sicken me. Like they know anything. This guy I had dated, I dumped him twice before and yet he still asks me out. Tells me he loves me all the time. I know I donít love him. Hell, I donít even like him. But he has an issue with being alone. Itís sad. Love is a mind set really. Your heart is only there to pump the blood in and out. It does nothing more. Your brain is the thing that tells you youíre in love and youíre all stupid (just like me)! What does your brain know about love? Just what the TV and people tell ya. Itís all just a retarded chemical imbalance.


Posted at 10:53 pm by pyro
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swivle chair... weeeeeeeeee

This would be the time i ramble of nothingness. or just plain nothing. Depending on which i decide. My mind set at the moment makes me feel like i have no mind... but its there.. i know it is... I'm typing... shouldnt that take some type of brain cells? Patooie! you know what? men suck. they do. they're idiots. the whole lot. okay i guess there might be a few good guys out there... possibly the gay guys.. but then again Ostrich annoys me. oh.. people might not understand that... Ostrich is a nick name of a guy i know. yup yup. im not suddenly rambling on about ostriches, though i could! but i wont. any ways what was i talking about? oh thats right. god's mistake. men. even my guy friends suck though. they're assholes. i should probably get new friends... but theres no real point in that. everyone sucks. maybe i could find a guy but then theres the problem with me liking him... and him being nice to my friends cuz that'd be assholic if he's not and i kick his ass. mwhaha! ha. yeah. so yeah i'll just sit in my swivle chair and continually ramble. its what i do. pla. so what have we learned today?
T's Crazy!~ (class room)
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Tuesday, September 02, 2003
the arrogent cliff of Ubel!

I dislike arrogent people. They piss me off. I think there should be a cliff. a large, tall cliff, where i can throw (or gently push) people off. I'll call it the Arrogent Cliff of Ubel! Yes. Now all i have to do is find this cliff and trick the arrogent assholes, who believe they're all powerful and better than others, to come to this lovely cliff. It'll have a nice view, or at least thats what i'll tell them before i push them. MWAHAHA! cough. i have to make a list. hmmm... who do i dislike enough to throw off a cliff? Pretty much the whole male race... but i'll try to slim it down.. Okay i'll start with the people who pissed me off in the last month or so. Im normally an easy going person. The problem is when people insult my buddies or my intelligence.

Posted at 04:36 pm by pyro
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Saturday, September 27, 2003
My Point is made!

Okay, not only i have problem with people who play games with other people's fragile minds. I have to add to my list to the arrogent cliff of Ubel. possibly. i wanna throw him off a cliff but i just cant handle my friends being hurt. Okay this is what im rambaling about. My friend goes out with this guy for like almost two months and then he just dumps her and says they should take a one month break. first of all asshole. second, why are you timing this? you make me worry. She wont be angry with him cuz she loves him and you can read my theory on that one but its what she believes. i'll let her be. But she's just so hard to cheer up cuz she really doesnt want to cheer up. doesnt that just suck monkey butts! sigh. that really sickens me though. cuz i know how to deal with my emotions (or lack of) but for this to happen to one of my best friends... i wanna kill him. i think i should. but im not allowed to. she loves him. people and their misconceptions. Just kidding. i love everyone *snicker*


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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hello people who pay small attention to me. Im in class right now but i dont wanna do my work cuz im lazy. and its a poopy class. Photo Journalism. ooh man. The sub hates me and he's subbing for like a month cuz our teacher had a baby(twins). yay her, poopy for us. We have a football game tonight. not me but my school. i dont play fooball... cuz im a chick but i think id be good at it. i can throw the ball and catch oooh go me! but football is a retarded game. its possible i think this because i dont fully understand the concept or possibly cuz i dislike jocks as well... hmm... hard to say. well anywhoie have fun with anything youre doing in the box some call a computer.

Posted at 02:42 pm by pyro
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Thursday, October 16, 2003
the sky falls

Friend is an over rated term. Dont know why, but im feeling lately as if im being abandoned by them all. Like im excluded from everything. its very possible that thats whats goin on. sure feels like it. but i just cant stand being with people anymore yet i wanna hang out with people. I just hate people's actions. Lies. Deceits. okay fine not exactly deciets but my head hurts and nothing i say ever makes sense so whats the difference this time? My problem, though many think it unlikely, is thinking too much. some might assume i dont think much at all but thats only because you people are asses and should be locked in a kennel so i can stick you with needles. Sharp needles. *shakes head* okay sorry.
My friends... hmm... love em sure but... two of em got boytoys and so i no longer hang out with them (they have no time for me and its no fun anymore) two others are always together and i rarely feel included. One is only guy-searching now that she is over her x. One is way up in washington. Miss you Uthi! and one stands me up at every possible moment. The others i swear hate me in some form or other. well i feel like the ones i listed also hate me but... sigh... life sux. i hate it. i just wanna go away but then i get bored and think too much. Fucking A!!!! someone should just take my brain away i dont need it. it causes too much confusion. Hey im gettin pretty good at feeling sorry for myself.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Alright i havent wrote in this one in a while. Lately i've been pissed off for no apparent reason and thats the only time i add an entry to this place. Okay this is what im complaining about today: I could get a boyfriend here if i wanted, but the problem is i dont want to. I have a thing for a Washatonian. which sux cuz i live in oregon. Matt's really cool and him and i are the same on alot of things, most things. but not one for sure: drugs. He hates drugs and i use them every once in a while, havent lately besides cigarettes. so when he talks about how drugs are bad and people who do them are dumb and all that shisser i just dont know what to say. i have alot of friends who happen to be stoners but thats just living in McMinnville. I guess the real problem is i want to tell him i have done drugs in the past and therefore disprove some of his reasoning but i dont want to tell him because he'll get mad at me and never speak to me again and i dont know im crazy. Ber would probably tell me im being parinoid and he wouldnt hate me but he would! serriously. at least he wouldnt like me as much as he does... did... i kinda had a not so good conversation with him the other day so i dont know whats going on but yeah... i know for a fact (i was right- sadly) that he likes our mutual friend and that kinda worries me but only alittle but- my brian triped a wire- it stoped in mind thought to protect me. Strange huh? and apparently im a tease which would explain why i dont have good relationships when they start getting serrious. Ever since monday i've been in a bad mood and ever since saterday night i've been thinking about his reaction and how bad it would be. so i've decided not to tell him until im most comfterble with him and so forth. Next topic ay?
Ber makes me sad. not exactly sad but sad for her because she needs someone good for her and she keeps getting crushes on these guys but then she overthinks and makes it harder on herslef when anything happens. i wonder if that made sense... not like i care, i understand. ITS YOUR PROBLEM not really, felt like randomly over reacting. okay i think im done ramballing about nothing important to anyone but me. there was more i wanted to ramble about but i think i'll stop now cuz i can't remember the rest.

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